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Why Choose Fugazo?

The Fugazo team is an industry proven studio that has developed over 25 titles in the last 5 years. We have created games on multiple platforms including: iOS, Android, PC, Mac, Facebook, and Wii.

Over the years our team members have worked on a number of big brands such as Dora, Power Rangers, and Spiderman. We have also self published over a dozen titles including Cooking Academy which has been downloaded over 10 million times.

We have extensive experience in building polished games as well as developing games in Unity.

Our Experience

There is simply no substitute for the long-term experience of our award-winning team of artists, designers and programmers provide. Our team members have real-world experience in art development, game coding and complete game design, insuring your project is exactly as you imagined it.

Genre Variety

We have developed over 27 titles, in 8 different genres from Arcade to Puzzle to Hidden Object during the past 5 years. Having diverse genre experience allows us the flexibility to deliver the exact type of game you and your customers are looking for.

Project Management

Project management is what Fugazo is all about. We use in-house artists and coders to lower costs and maintain strict quality control. We use Basecamp, Excel, Office and Power Point as project management tools, and since we are a U.S. based developer communication would be over the phone, skype and email. Builds can be delivered via any subversion control, Unity asset server, or FTP.


Fugazo, Inc operates on a version of agile game development. Each week at Fugazo is a mini-milestone. On Monday each team agrees to goals for the week. Tasks are then entered and tracked through Basecamp. On Friday each team reviews the weeks progress. Daily communication is also key to our success with teams situated together in our office.

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